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    ipoker leaderboard hardest in "online" poker


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    ipoker leaderboard hardest in "online" poker Empty ipoker leaderboard hardest in "online" poker

    Post  Muffer on Fri Jan 14, 2011 2:25 am

    Hi all was bored so set up an ipoker account,muffersstudent......

    I love a challenge of beating ppl with consistency...tbh thought I would be top 5 in this ,not for the money but the prestige.

    How wrong was I

    The leaderboard takes your 20 best results for the month ......
    If I won a 20freeze double stack 20times I may still be 3rd.
    Never experienced anything like this,so many fantastic players for example onzie $140k up this year on ipoker main account alone....

    My problem here is I wont over buyin my wins are small but very very consistent but I am finding this to hard.

    No excuses tho sometimes you have to accept people play at a higher buyin level and play a better game.

    I dont think anyone from the old micro could win this to be honest..enjoying it as its good fun but its way to hard to actually find yourself in with a chance...

    Have asked them to put prizes up for top 20 and they are obliging next month at the tables guys/gals...

    When laddies weekly leaderboard was on I won that with a record score and at the time thought good going now I know im a mere codling in an ocean of sharks

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