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    Post  Muffer on Sat Apr 09, 2011 2:57 am

    Hi all a quick way for you all to make 25p in the pound ................
    David Haye v Wladimir on the 25th June or the 2nd of July..

    Rare this happens but I can assure you this is no gimmick.

    Haye is 6/4 on betfair
    Titanbet he is 2/1

    Back him on titan at say 500£
    Lay him on betfair at 6/4

    If he wins the fight u keep the 25% difference in the prices.
    If he loses the fight you dont lose 1p.

    Ive had 27 bets this year on this type of term ie betfair bein the lower price than bookie and it is simply impossible to lose..

    I have double checked the terms on titan and if this fight is cancelled you get your money back so no ante post rule where you could lose.

    Betting is a mugs game unless you can guarantee profit and believe me it is common sense to use the markets to a No Risk strategy.

    Next year you could lay man united on betfair (not to win title)you may get 11/8..............wait until price goes out to 7/4 which it will as it has done every single yeat and then back them to win it....meaning you profit again.Odds would not come in from 11/8 after 10 games even if there top .

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