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    What should I have Done?

    brain cameron

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      What should I have Done?     Empty What should I have Done?

    Post  brain cameron on Thu Jun 09, 2011 2:27 am

    1. Reliable way to check is to estimate the percentage of payments in a variety of casino games. As is known, Roulette has a house edge 2.7% for any strategy to the players. Thus, if a casino has a payout percentage below 2.7% - is reason to think (assuming that this game plays a lot of people to obtain a statistically significant sample size). This technique also works fine with slots and baccarat, but in games with a variety of rates (bone), or where the result depends on the actions of the player (poker, blackjack), it will falter. But here, the possibility for statistical analysis is, so you can analyze the frequency of the combinations of cards or dice, etc. The question is, who will conduct such an analysis. If a casino on the site publishes a number of payments, then the players will not trust them unconditionally, these figures should be someone to check. Many casinos have resorted to this end to the independent accounting firm, which keep records of all results of games and then give a generalized opinion on the payments. download

    there is still questions arise: first, the casino can make a deal with the auditor (in light of the scandals with Enron and so this can not be excluded), and secondly, the casino can enter their own players who will win and lead statistics to the "normal" numbers. However, the likelihood of falsification of the results of audit opinion is not too large, so that in the present audit reports of large firms (BMM, PWC) can be trusted.

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      What should I have Done?     Empty Re: What should I have Done?

    Post  tripedd on Tue Jun 28, 2011 5:47 pm

    with such a large raise to the blinds i would suggest he has a small pair so he wants to pick up a pot uncontested. The bet he made was after you checked and showed weakness so its difficult to say if he hit or not. Without knowing the stacks you had its difficult to say if a call or not was worth it but maybe ( if it didnt cripple you ) a bet into the ace would of been a better option .1) you have fold equity 2) you know where you stand . GL on the tables PEACE PS. i would of bet larger on flop.

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      What should I have Done?     Empty Re: What should I have Done?

    Post  Evo397bhp on Sun Jul 03, 2011 1:05 pm

    ok; you may not like the reply here but hey ho here we go.

    1st off every one thinks there TAG, but sorry TAG in not a dble raise pre, depends on your stack but heavy re-raise pre here for me 4.5x as rule with KK if your stack is less than 6k then i'm shoving pre, if he's running AA then so be it, if he wants to call rag then add him as friend.

    post flop i'm choking the pot as open shove, pick me jacket up if I have to but chasing down with KK will cost you more in the long run than firing out from the start, obviously just my game line... and what would I know

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      What should I have Done?     Empty Re: What should I have Done?

    Post  danowski69 on Thu Jul 14, 2011 4:09 am

    Ill only comment on Evos last 4 words...........Not a lot :-)

    Lol onlyyyyyyyyyyy kidding mate.

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      What should I have Done?     Empty Re: What should I have Done?

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