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    What do you like doing better playing poker online or live? live can be to much drama


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    What do you like doing better playing poker online or live? live can be to much drama

    Post  maikl10 on Sun Sep 25, 2011 7:58 am

    I have always been playing online poker ever since I started. I didn't start playing live until like 2 months ago. Going to tournaments and cash games. I know that there can be drama between players and I get sick of it. Sometimes people may start **** with me. I just tell them them that there nothing and see if they want to play heads up. Then they don't say anything. The last time I played live there was 2 guys arguing over there hand when 1 guy went all in. Someone on my table called the guy who runs the tournament to come over and he says "no I'm not coming over there" then they kept fighting and one guy flipped over the table and left. Even before that there was a guy next to me that smelled. The guy that runs the tournament seems like a dick since he didn't do anything. There's been other times that made me want to go back playing online full time again. You can watch a football or baseball game. Watch a movie or listen to music. So do you like playing online better then live? What would you say to that guy who was in charge of the tournament? He didn't do anything to those 2 guys.

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    Re: What do you like doing better playing poker online or live? live can be to much drama

    Post  Evo397bhp on Tue Sep 27, 2011 7:55 pm

    most cheapo tourneys less than $50 with no sat entry are full of hopefuls, but thats what poker is about...

    Be carefull on the HU offers though as some peeps like myself will play tourneys from $3 - $100 rb's you could talk your self into HU without knowing (I love them offers and tend to suggest $400 cash as the option) your better off making notes on there style, range and frequency....

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