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    which limit i should play??


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      which limit i should play??   Empty which limit i should play??

    Post  albert1212 on Wed Dec 07, 2011 5:07 am

    hi guys, for the next year i would reach the status vip equivalent of sne on ps on my pr.
    142k € of rake to pay in one year gives 69.8k € of rakback ( = 49%). payin 50k more € of rake i' ll have 100k € of rb (of course we have to see were i can arrive..).
    at the moment i can play nl100 - 200 without any problem + nl400 if there are fishes... i would reach the status in the less time possible (i think 8 month are good.. but if i can't reach 12 are good too..).
    at the moment i've a 13k roll, but no problem to make it bigger and arrive fast to 20k (100x for nl200). i also use an aggressive brm for a little % of the roll (u can read on the section poker goals & challenge).
    i know that playin only for the mass and not for the profit could be not so profitable, due to the fact that at the moment the field on my pr is soft...
    so... nl100? nl200? nl400? playin only in roll? this plan to go up ->

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